Flashes Of Communication

In some cases the circle will have to sit several times before the

persistent though disconnected and apparently meaningless raps or

table-tilts will begin to show positive signs of intelligent signalling.

The same thing would probably occur were the inhabitants of the planet

Mars to find themselves able to flash signals to our earth--for a long

time the flashes would seem meaningless to us, until at last they would

seem to manifest a definite intelligent purpose and rhythm. When this

stage of the raps or table-tilts has been reached, then the leader of

the circle should acquaint the spirits with the code used, and ask

definite questions concerning the future conduct of the seance, the

answers to which the spirits are requested to give through the signal

code of raps or tilts. When these answers begin to "come through"

plainly and definitely, then the seance enters a new phase.