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Discovery Of New Worlds

Another psychologist says: "If a new sense or two were added to the
present normal number in man, that which is now the phenomenal world for
all of us might, for all that we know, burst into something amazingly
different and wider, in consequence of the additional revelations of
these new senses." Another authority has said: "It does not seem at all
improbable that there are properties of matter of which none of our
senses can take immediate cognizance, and which other beings might be
able to see in the same manner that we are sensible to light, sound,
etc." Another writer has said: "We know that our sensory nerves are
capable of transmitting to the brain only a part of the phenomena of the
universe. Our senses give us only a section of the world's phenomena.
Our senses usher only certain phenomena into the presence of our minds.
If we had three or four new senses added, this might appear like a new
world to us; we might become conscious of a vast number of phenomena
which at present never have any effect upon our nervous system. It is
not possible to imagine a race of beings whose senses do not resemble
ours, inhabiting other worlds."

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