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Formal Tests

The third step in telepathic development is that of conducting
experiments similar to those originally conducted by the Society for
Psychical Research, previously mentioned. That is to say, the sender may
select cards from a pack, coins from a pile, small objects from a
collection, etc., and then endeavor to transmit the impression of the
same to the receiver--the latter then reporting his flashes of
impression received. This may be rendered more complicated by having the
sender in one place, and the receiver at another, the time having
previously been agreed upon between them. In experiments conducted at
long range, it has been generally found better for the receiver to write
down the word, thought, or mental, picture which has been transmitted to
him by the sender; and for the sender to write down the name or picture
of the thing the idea of which he has transmitted. These memoranda serve
not only as scientific proof of the experiment, but also serve as a
barometer of progress being made during the experiments.

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