The Shadow Of The Guillotine

"Cazotte went on: 'You, Monsieur de Nicolai, you will die on the

scaffold; you, Monsieur Bailly, on the scaffold; you, Monsieur de

Malesherbes, on the scaffold.' 'Ah, God be thanked,' exclaimed Roucherm,

'and what of I?' Cazotte replied: 'You! you also will die on the

scaffold.' 'Yes,' replied Chamfort, 'but when will all this happen?'

Cazotte answered: 'Six years will not pass over, before all that I have

said to you shall be accomplished.' Here I (La Harpe) spoke, saying:

'Here are some astonishing miracles, but you have not included me in

your list.' Cazotte answered me, saying: 'But you will be there, as an

equally extraordinary miracle; you will then be a Christian!' Vehement

exclamations on all sides followed this startling assertion. 'Ah!' said

Chamfort, 'I am comforted; for if we perish only when La Harpe shall be

a Christian, we are immortal!'