The Secret Of Witchcraft

"An examination of the methods employed by these 'witches,' as shown by

their confessions, give us a key to the mystery. These 'witches' would

fix their minds upon other people, or their animals, and by holding a

concentrated mental picture there, would send forth thought-waves

affecting the welfare of the persons being 'adversely treated,' which

would influence and disturb them, and often bring on sicknesses. Of

, the effect of those 'treatments' were greatly heightened by the

extreme fear and superstition held by the masses of people at the time,

for fear is ever a weakening factor in mental influence, and the

superstitions and credulity of the people caused their minds to vibrate

in such a manner as to render them extremely passive to the adverse

influences being directed against them. It is well known that the

Voodoos of Africa, and similar cults among other savage races, practice

Black Magic among their people with great effect. Among the native of

Hawaii there are certain men known as 'Kahunas' who pray people sick, or

well, whichever way they are paid to do. These instances could be

multiplied almost indefinitely, but the basic principle is ever the same

in such cases.