The Occult Hypothesis

But it must not be supposed that the oriental occultists hold for a

moment the theory that the clairvoyant actually obtains access to the

Divine Mind or Absolute Mind, when he experiences this vision of future

events--their idea is very different from this. These occultists teach

that the phenomena of each plane are reflected with more or less

clearness upon the substance of the planes beneath it. This being so, it

eadily seen that the seer who is able to contact with any of the

higher planes of being might thereupon see the reflection, more or less

clear, or more or less distorted, of that which is present in its

completeness on the highest plane of all. This is a mere hint at the

quite complicated occult teaching on this subject; but the capable

thinker will be able to work out the full theory for himself in his own

way. The important fact is that Future Time Clairvoyance is a

reality--that it is a matter of actual experience of the race, and one

that has been authenticated by the investigations of such learned bodies

as the Society for Psychical Research, of England, and other societies

of the same kind in different lands. Future Time Clairvoyance, Second

Sight, Prevision, etc., are facts as fully accepted by such societies as

are the facts of telepathy.