The Ideals Of Modern Spiritualism

A writer well expresses the ideals of modern western spiritualism as

follows: "Through the gateway of mediumship for upwards of fifty years

the world has been catching glimpses of the glory of the land immortal,

and visitants from that 'bourne' from whence it has been erroneously

said that 'no traveler returns' have made their presence known beyond

all doubt or denial, thus proving the continued conscious existence of

uman beings and the sequential chapter of the life hereafter. Though

the messages from the unseen have at times been imperfect and

fragmentary, still they have been MESSAGES. If but telegraphic

dispatches, so to speak, instead of voluminous letters; or like

telephonic snatches of conversation rather than face-to-face outpourings

of thought and feeling, still they have been greetings and comforting

assurances of undying affection from the people living in the land

'beyond the veil.' Although many a sorrowing soul has longed for further

revelation, and regretted the inability of the spirits to comply with

the requests for fuller information, still the gates have been ajar, and

sometimes it has truly seemed as though they had been flung wide

open--so clear and consoling were the messages from the loved ones on

the other side of death's valley of shadow. The manifestations of the

presence of spirits and the evidences of their identity, which have been

accumulating during all these years, have solved the 'great secret,' and

we know that death is not a CUL-DE-SAC, but a thoroughfare. The dread of

death disappeared altogether with the mists of ignorance, as, through

the gateway of mediumship, the shining presence of ministering spirits,

'our very own dear departed,' illumined the pathway which we must all

tread to our great promotion.