The Evolution Of The Senses

This subject of increased sense-powers has always been a fascinating one

for the psychologists, and much speculation has been indulged in

concerning the increased consciousness of mankind were additional senses

opened to it. We ask you to carefully consider the following quotations

from psychologists possessing the "scientific imagination."

A psychologist says: "All the senses have been evolved from the

ementary sense of Touch. All of our senses are but modified,

specialized, and more complex forms of the sense of Touch. The

elementary life-forms possessed merely the sense of Touch; and that but

faintly developed--but a faint sensitiveness to outside impressions.

Then developed the sense of Taste, from which later evolved the sense of

Smell, the latter even now being closely associated with the former.

Then evolved the sense of Hearing, or the consciousness of the contact

of air vibrations called 'sound.' Then evolved the sense of sight, or

the consciousness of contact with the light waves of the other. And it

is not impossible, or even improbable, that the human race will

eventually develop other and more complex senses--in fact, many even now

claim that the development of extra senses is now under way in the race,

and that the same are now manifesting the presence and their powers in

exceptional cases."