The Care Of The Crystal

There is no particular virtue in any particular object used for this

purpose, as such object acts merely to focus the psychic power of the

person, as has been said. Certainly the student should not fall into the

error of supposing that the crystal, or similar object, has any

miraculous or supernatural power whatsoever, it is simply an instrument,

like the microscope or telescope, nothing more or less. But, at the same

ime, it must be admitted that there is much truth in the claim of

certain crystal gazers, to the effect that the use of a particular

crystal seems to have the effect of polarizing its molecules so as to

render it a more effective instrument in time. In fact, the phenomenon

seems to bear a close relation to the well known case of a long-used

violin becoming a more perfect instrument, and giving forth richer and

fuller notes than a new instrument. The longer a gazing crystal is used,

especially by the one person, the better does it seem to serve the

purposes of that particular person. Experts in crystal gazing insist

that the crystal gazer should keep his own crystal for his own

particular use, and not allow it to be used indiscriminately,

particularly in the case of strangers or of persons not sympathetic with

psychic subjects. They claim that each crystal becomes polarized

according to the individual character and needs of the person habitually

using it, and that it is unwise to allow others to disturb this quality

in it.