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The Higher Planes Of Nature

In view of the facts and principles above set forth and considered, we
may begin to see that there is nothing "unnatural" in the hypothesis
that there may be reports conveyed to the consciousness of man by means
of higher vibrations than those of ordinary sound, or ordinary sight,
providing that man has either (1) highly developed his ordinary senses
of sight, hearing, or touch to a degree sufficiently high to register
these higher vibrations; or else has evolved and unfolded into
consciousness certain latent faculties of sense-impression which are
lying dormant in the great masses of mankind. In fact, the thoughtful
person will be forced to admit that this new knowledge of the nature of
sensations, and of its relation to vibratory motion, renders extremely
probable the truth of the great body of reports of such so-called
extra-conscious knowledge which the experience of the race has furnished
from the beginning of human history down to the present time. Such a
person will see that it is not a sign of "credulity" for a person to
accept such reports, so universally set forth; but that, rather, it is a
sign of "credulity" for a person to accept blindly the dogmatic
assertions of the materialistic sceptics to the effect that "there is no
such thing possible in the natural world, under natural world, under
natural laws--the whole thing is delusion or else deliberate fraud."
Such "know-it-all" persons are usually found to really "know much that
is not true," and to lack knowledge of much that is true, regarding
Nature, her realm and her laws.

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