The Human Wireless Telegraph Instrument

Having seen that the first question of the sceptical critics is capable

of being answered in the scientific spirit, and by ideas based upon

scientific investigation, we now turn to the second question of the same

critics, viz.: "Granted the existence of such vibratory energy, or

thought-waves, how and by means of what channel does the second person

receive these from the first person? How are they registered or

?" This same question is also implied in the concluding sentence

of one of the scientists above quoted, viz.: "There is no good reason

whatever for supposing that matter is incapable of such intermediate

activity, or that such activity may not give rise to intermediate

sensations, provided that there are organs for taking up and sensifying

these movements." Let us see what science has to tell us regarding the

provision of Nature for the reception and "sensing" of this class of

vibratory energy. And the easiest way to ascertain the report of science

regarding this important matter is to consider carefully what

representative leading scientists have said concerning the same in their

writings or public addresses. We call your attention to the following

quotations from such sources.