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The Naturalness Of The Occult Powers

Returning to the subject considered in the opening paragraphs of this
book, namely, the NATURALNESS of the occult and psychic higher powers
and the manifestation thereof, we strongly advise all students of these
subjects to acquire a working knowledge of the place in Nature occupied
by these powers and their manifestations. A little scientific
information on this subject will render the student better able to
intelligently teach others concerning these matters, and also to
successfully defend himself when the ignorant and unthinking seek to
attack the things which are so dear to his heart, and so real and
evident to himself. Many, by reason of their lack of scientific
knowledge on these points, not only fail to make converts to their cause
of truth, but often really drive away persons who might otherwise be
interested. Many persons are really interested in and attracted to the
manifestations of the higher occult and psychic powers, but are fearful
of anything "unnatural" or "supernatural," and are disposed to be
frightened off by any suspicion of such qualities in things. These same
persons, if shown that the phenomena have a perfectly valid scientific
base in natural forces and laws, will throw aside their fears and will
become earnest investigators and students of this great subject. Hence,
as we have said, every teacher and student of this subject should know
the true scientific natural basis thereof; and in the following few
pages we shall endeavor to plainly, though briefly, present these to

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