The Psychic Scent

Occultists have elaborated a technical theory to account for the

phenomena of Psychometry, or rather to account for the action of the

"connecting link" of the physical object employed to establish the

connection between clairvoyant and distant object, person, or scene. But

we do not think it advisable to enter into a discussion of these

elaborate, technical theories, which are apt to confuse the beginner,

and to distra
t his attention from the important facts of the case. We

think it is sufficient to say that the "connecting link," or physical

object, seems to carry along with it, in its inner substance or nature,

the vibrations of its past environment; and that the clairvoyant, coming

into receptive contact with such vibrations, is enabled with comparative

ease to follow up the psychic "scent" until he establishes clairvoyant

en rapport connection with the distant object, person, or scene

associated with the physical object. When it is remembered that the

physical "scent" of anything is merely a matter of the detection of

certain vibrations, the illustration is seen to be not so very far out

of the way after all.