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Vibrational Attunement

And here we find another startling correspondence between the phenomena
of wireless telegraphy and that of thought transference or transmission
of mental vibrations. We allude to the fact that while a wireless
telegraphic sending instrument may be sending forth vibrations of the
strongest power, its messages are capable of being received or "picked
up" only by those instruments which are "in tune" with the sending
instrument to at least a certain degree; to all other instruments, those
which are not "in tune" with the sending instrument, there is no message
perceptible. Precisely this same state of affairs is found to prevail in
the realm of mental vibrations and thought transmission. The individual
receives only such messages as emanate from instruments with which he is
"in tune"--to all the rest he is deaf and unconscious. But once "in
tune" with the higher vibrations of the mental realm, he will receive
every message traveling on that particular plane at that particular
time, unless he deliberately shut them out. We shall see how this works
out in ordinary life, when we consider the general subject of Telepathy
and Thought Transference in the succeeding Chapter.

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