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The Higher Vibrations

The vibrations of magnetism and electricity are imperceptible to our
sight, though they may be registered by the appropriate apparatus; and
if we had the proper sense of apparatus to perceive them, these rays of
vibratory force would open up a whole new world to us. Likewise, if we
could increase our power of hearing-perception, we would seem to be
living in a new world of sights and sounds now closed to us. Reasoning
along the same lines of thought, many great thinkers have held that
there is no reason for doubting the possible existence of other
world-planes of being, just as real and as actual as the one upon which
we live, and move, and have our being, but which is forever invisible to
the ordinary human sight and senses; the apparent nothingness of such
worlds arising solely from the great difference in the rates of
vibrations between the two planes of being.

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