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The Discordant Note

A writer recites an incident in a circle which he once attended, which
so thoroughly illustrates the point just made, that we think it worth
while to reproduce it here. He says: "On one occasion in particular, we
had a remarkable illustration of the detrimental influence of one or two
sitters. It occurred at a seance at which a number of mediums were
present, and, under ordinary circumstances, successful results would
have been practically certain; but this was not an ordinary seance--at
least, not in the opinion of one lady who apparently imagined that she
had been invited to discover fraud, and that the rest of us were
suspicious characters. Up to the moment of her appearance in the circle
we were a happy family of sociable folk, and enjoyed a very pleasant
season of conversational interchange. When, however, the said lady,
accompanied by a friend, joined the company, there was a silence that
could be felt. The social temperature fell rapidly--people visibly
stiffened and became constrained. The two ladies appeared to feel afraid
to speak lest they should say anything that might be used by the
mediums, and spoke in monosyllables. Sitting bolt upright, grim and
silent, they drew up to the table, and when the phenomena began they
displayed no signs of interest. Their 'detective' attitude was so
objectionable that even those who had endeavored to thaw out these
self-constituted Sherlock Holmeses, gave up the attempt, and, in
consequence, what had promised to be a really enjoyable evening, proved
one of the most uncomfortable it has been our lot to experience."

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