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The Higher Vibratory Forces

The student who has carefully read what we have said in the earlier
portions of the present book regarding the subject of Nature's Finer
Forces, and those concerned with "vibrations," and "planes of being,"
will be able to harmonize the apparently somewhat conflicting opinions
of those authorities above quoted concerning the nature of mediumship
and spirit communication. In the first place, the student will remember
that there exist planes of being higher and other than our own
earth-plane, and that the rate of normal vibration on such planes is
much higher than are those upon our own earth-plane. In the second
place, he will remember that beings dwelling and manifesting on these
higher planes are able to communicate only by means of their higher
vibratory rate of manifestation. And, in the third place, he will
remember that a person dwelling on the earth-plane will not ordinarily
register and interpret these higher vibrations of communication; and
that it is necessary for such a person to have originally, or else have
developed, the capacity to raise his or her own vibrations to the key
necessary to "catch" these higher vibrations. In short, we have here
once more another instance of that "attunement" between sender and
receiver the most common instance of which is the wireless telegraph.

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