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The Akashic Records

The clairvoyant whose powers of Past Time Clairvoyance have been
developed sufficiently, and who has mastered the art of concentration of
his psychic attention, manages to come into more or less perfect en
rapport condition contact with these Akashic Records, and is thus
enabled to read from them what he sees there. To him it actually seems
as if he were seeing the actions of things in present existence, and
many excellent clairvoyants are ignorant of the existence of the Akashic
Records, though they habitually read the contents thereof; these
clairvoyants know simply that they "see" these past happenings--they
have not the faintest conception of how they are able to see them. This
is no more strange than would be the case of a man who witnessed a
moving picture for the first time, and who was ignorant of the mechanism
involved in the showing of the picture, the existence of the film,
etc.,--such a man would simply know that he "saw" the things, and he
might even believe that he was gazing upon an actual scene in real life.

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