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Spontaneous Mediumship

What may be called "spontaneous mediumship" is experienced by many
persons not claiming mediumistic powers, and not understanding the
nature of the phenomena manifesting to and through themselves. Such
persons at times are conscious of the presence of spirit friends, and
may even catch glimpses of them either in the form of a mental image
impressed upon their minds by the spirit friends, or else by a more or
less clear partial materialization. Sometimes raps manifest themselves
in their vicinity, and tables and light articles of furniture may
manifest movement at their touch or approach. Such persons, not
understanding the laws of spirit manifestation, are frequently greatly
distressed, or even frightened, by such manifestations; and in not a few
cases they experience considerable annoyance and grief by reason of the
attitude of their friends who are apt to consider them "queer," or
"spooky," and therefore to be avoided. Moreover, in the case of the
physical manifestations such as the movements of tables, furniture,
etc., and the production of raps, these persons are frequently accused
of deliberate fraud in the production of such phenomena, whereas as a
matter of fact they, themselves, are quite in the dark as to the cause
and nature of the phenomena in question. It is obvious that the placing
of the right information in the hands of such persons, and their
instruction in the laws and principles of mediumship would be a blessing
to them.

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