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Signs Of Spirit Presence

There will be manifested in most cases a peculiar sense of heaviness or
weight in the hands on the table, and an impression that the hands are
being held to the table as if by glue or other adhesive material. In the
arms are manifested peculiar tingling, pricking sensations, or a
"needles and pins" feeling, something akin to a gentle current of
electricity passing along them. Sometimes there is experienced the
sensation of a gentle cool breeze passing over the sitters--particularly
over the backs of their hands. In other cases there may be a sense of
numbness or partial loss of sensation, something akin to that
experienced when a hand or arm "goes to sleep," as the popular phrase
expresses it. In other cases there is manifested a peculiar jerking,
twitching, or vibration of the hands and arms, sometimes extending to
the whole body of some of the sitters. Sometimes the hand of the medium
will begin to make motions as if he were trying to write, and a pencil
placed in his hands may trace crude figures or attempts at letters. At
this stage it will be found that the singing of hymns or similar music
will tend to have a quieting, soothing, harmonizing effect.

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