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Spirit Guides

As the development proceeds, it will be found that one or two particular
spirits will manifest a greater power than the others, and after
establishing a strong degree of harmony and attunement they will assume
the position of "guides" to the medium, and will accordingly begin to
work in his interests on their side of life, and to accept or reject
other spirits who seek to manifest through their medium. At this stage,
the medium is often sufficiently advanced to be used as the channel for
fuller and more complete manifestations, particularly in the direction
of inspirational speaking. Often the medium in this stage of development
is also able to manifest psychic powers which were formerly beyond his
ability, as for instance psychometry, clairvoyance, etc. Then if his
spirit guides be sufficiently advanced and powerful, and the medium be
sufficiently receptive and harmonious to their influences, they will
educate him to such an extent that he will be able, with their
assistance, to become an instrument for the production of still higher
forms of mediumistic phenomena. But the development is almost always
gradual and proceeds by successive and well-defined steps and stages.

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