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Difficulties Overcome

"Even on this side, when we send telegraphic messages or use the
telephone, mistakes and misunderstandings are by no means uncommon
occurrences, and our letters sometimes create an impression in the mind
of the reader which we did not intend to convey. Is it any wonder, then,
that messages from the other side are imperfectly impressed upon, and
incorrectly rendered by, the medium? Most persons who have attempted to
transfer thoughts to mesmerized sensitives have realized that general
ideas can be transmitted much more easily than names, dates, or specific
words can be impressed upon or expressed by the subject. The wonder is,
not that so few names, ages, and special details are given by spirits to
and through mediums, but that, considering all the attendant
circumstances, so MANY 'test' messages are continually being given, both
privately and in public."

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