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Forcing Tests

Another writer has said on this point: "I then, in my anxiety, made a
mistake which anxious inquirers sometimes make. I wanted more--I pressed
for another test, forgetting the difficulties of mediumship, and the
supreme effort which must have been made to give me what I had obtained.
And this resulted in failure after remarkable tests had been given."
Another writer, commenting upon the last quoted statement, says: "This
is exactly how mediums are used; they give test after test, not to
satisfy, but only to produce the desire for more. Then when the power is
weakened, comes the inability--or 'fraud,' as the imperfection in
mediumship is often called. This will be the case until they can have
the only condition which is suitable for spiritual communion--passive
trust and confidence. Real tests cannot come when sought with
materialistic conditions. The tests come unsought, unasked for."

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