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Distant En Rapport

One of the most familiar instances of the production of clairvoyant
phenomena by means of Psychometry is that illustrated in the above
quotation, namely the production of the en rapport relation with distant
scenes by means of the connecting link of some small object which had at
some time in the past been located at that point. In such cases the
psychometrist usually presses the small object up to his or her head,
and then induces a passive, receptive psychical condition; then, sooner
or later, the clairvoyant experiences a "sensation," or a "dream
picture" of the scene in question. Often, once the picture of the scene
is obtained, the clairvoyant may manifest more marked past-time
clairvoyance, in the direction of running back over the history of the
scene itself. The instance related in the above quotation is a case of
this kind. Similar cases are frequently met with by the investigator
along these lines, in which the clairvoyant is able to give the history
of certain places in ancient Egypt, from the connecting link of a piece
of mummy-cloth; or else to give a picture of certain events in
antediluvian times, from the connecting link of a bit of fossil
substance. The history of Psychometry is filled with remarkable
instances of this kind. Bullets gathered from battlefields also serve
very effectively as such psychometric connecting links. Old furniture,
old pictures, and old jewelry also are common objects serving to produce
wonderful phenomena of this kind. In fact, any physical object having
past-time or far-distant space connections may be employed effectively
in such experiments.

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