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Entering The Trance

"Let the influence have its course--say what you feel you MUST say, and
never mind about your own state of consciousness. You will be much more
likely to pass into the unconsciousness of the trance (if you desire to
do so) if you say, 'Now, spirit friend, I trust myself to you, and will
yield my body and brain to your control, for you to do the best you can
with and through me. I am willing to co-operate with you for the time
being, and trust you to do your utmost for the good of others.' It is
not necessary that you should be utterly unconscious, although you may
think it is, to prove that another intelligence is operating upon and
through you. The evidence of that fact will be displayed in the nature
of the message and the unusual ability displayed by you when under the
stimulating influence of the operator.

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